August 9, 2010

Never Forget the Burden of Proof

mormonsAddressing the fascinating subject of Mormonism, Craig James (The Religion Virus) reminds us that the central issue whenever matters of religious belief are involved is the burden of proof. We atheists have absolutely zero burden of proof. The burden lies with the believer.

What James says of Mormons is true for all proponents of religion:
Mormonism makes a staggering number of amazing claims that defy both common sense and the historical and archaeological records. It is up to the Mormons to prove that there is a reasonable, plausible explanation for every one of them.
Have the Mormons met their burden of proof? Not hardly. The Muslims? Nope. The Catholics? Hardly. The mainline Protestants? Not even close.

We atheists don't need to argue unless we just really enjoy it for some reason. We can simply wait for the requisite proof. I don't know about you, but I'd be happy to believe should evidence sufficient to substantiate each and every religious claim arrive. Of course, this would render faith obsolete because religion would become rational.

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