August 16, 2010

Does Opposing Religion Entail Anti-Semitism?

anti-religionI suppose it would be fair to say that opposing organized religion and religious belief for their irrationality and vast destructive potential makes me anti-religion. I suspect that humanity would be better off without religion of any sort. You see, I regard all religions as equally false. Again, it would probably be fair to characterize me as anti-religion. And if I oppose all religions, would that not necessarily mean that I am anti-Islam, anti-Christianity, anti-Judaism, and the like? Does this not mean that I am confessing to anti-Semitism?

This will probably strike most readers as an odd series of questions. Admittedly, this is not something I have thought about much. I have been angrily accused of being anti-Christian and anti-Muslim, usually with some sort of death threats attached. But the only times I have been accused of being anti-Semitic are those in which I have questioned the merits of continued unconditional support of Israel by the United States.

Some argue that being being Jewish is a religion, a race, an ethnicity, or some undefinable combination of all the above. I do not have any strong feelings, positive or negative, about Jewish people, Jewish culture, or Jewish ethnicity. I have gotten along well with every self-identified Jewish person I have met. In fact, I have had fewer negative experiences with Jewish people than with Christians. But I regard Judaism as no better or worse than any other religion, and remember, I am no fan of religion. Does this make me anti-Semitic?

If I believe that Judaism, like Christianity and Islam, is false and that it is time for it and every other religion to gradually fade into obscurity, does that make me an anti-Semite?

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