May 25, 2010

How to Leave the Catholic Church

pope.jpgDisgusted with the Catholic Church? Yeah, me too. It is difficult to comprehend why anyone would want to remain a member these days.

Did you know that if you have ever been baptized in the church that they still count you as a member even if you've been an atheist for years? They'll keep counting you until you make your "defection" official.

For information on how to leave the Catholic church, visit CountMeOut. As you will see, the process is actually quite simple and involves the following steps:
  1. Complete a "declaration of defection" (link to a .pdf file).
  2. Send it to your local diocese.
  3. Realize that they may request a meeting to discuss your decision. You don't have to comply, but you do need to respond or they may use this as an excuse not to process your request.
Maybe if enough people leave that will get their attention. Then again, maybe they'll just continue to find new victims in Africa and South America.

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