January 8, 2010

Poll: Would You Attend an Atheist Unity Convention?

A novel idea emerged from Margaret Downey (Atheist Alliance International) and Hemant Mehta (Friendly Atheist) back in 2008: a unity convention in which all the various national atheist groups coordinated a massive combined meeting. PZ Myers (Pharyngula) is now on board and popularizing the idea in the form of a 2013 atheist "unity convention" in Washington DC:
We could all join hands in the Mall and make a joyful noise for humanity and reason, and then adjourn to the Smithsonian for some tasty science.
My question for you is simple. If such a convention was held in Washington DC in 2013, would you attend? I think we can probably agree that such a large gathering is a fine idea and something worth supporting, at least in some abstract sense. What I'm curious about is whether you would actually attend.

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