July 16, 2007

Christian Agrees That Children Cannot Be Born Christian

Since an atheist one one who does not believe in any gods (note that not believing is not synonymous with disbelieving), it follows that all children are born atheists. One cannot believe in something of which one has never heard. Thus simple truth bothers many Christians, but I'm happy to report that some Christians do acknowledge it.

Writing for the conservative Christian website, WorldNetDaily, Greg Laurie explains,
You cannot be a Christian simply by being born into a Christian family. I'm amazed at how some people, when asked how they know they are Christians, will answer, "Because I think my grandfather was," or, "Because my mother is a Christian." It's as though they believe their family somehow has Christian "genes." Having Christian parents is a great privilege. It's a wonderful thing to be raised with biblical values and to develop a Christian worldview. But you still must personally believe in Jesus. You cannot live off the faith of the family.
Given that Laurie is a pastor at one of the largest churches in America, Christians may have a harder time dismissing him as a hack. So it appears that there are some Christians who recognize the absurdity of referring to children as Christians, at least before they have reached the age to make thoughtful and informed decisions about faith.

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