February 7, 2006

Religious Violence Over Cartoons: A New Low

I tend to focus on Christian extremists on this blog, but it appears that the Muslim community is feeling jealous of being ignored and requires some attention. Religiously-motivated violence is certainly nothing new. However, the source of this particular provocation is particularly absurd. Now Muslims are resorting to violence (nothing surprising about that) because they are offended by cartoons making fun of their prophet.

Since I'm sure you are already familiar with the basic story, I'll only recommend one source of coverage at a deeper level. Interesting stuff.

Something like this couldn't possibly happen in America, right? Wrong! For an example of what it might look like, visit Secularleft.

I have a solution to this whole mess...if you don't want people to make fun of you, stop believing such nonsense! If you want to protest because you believe the cartoons were racist, do so. But to get mad because someone is making fun of your superstitious beliefs is just crazy. Such beliefs deserve to be mocked. In fact, they demand it! Hey Christians, I'm talking to you too. Before we hear any more about modern holy wars and religious persecution, we should stop and realize that people are being harmed over something this silly.


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