December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas, Republican Style

In a speech today, Bush asks Americans to remember the troops that have died in Iraq. "We pray that God will comfort the loved ones they left behind." Now, why were they in Iraq again? Given the high cost of war, there must have been a good reason for invading another country. Bush reminds us, "The sacrifices of these brave troops have rescued millions from lives of tyranny and sorrow, and made America more secure." Oh that's right, our invasion of Iraq may have been based on faulty intel, but at least it is making us safer. Does anybody really believe that?

Bush also encourages us to find ways to help those in need. "There are many among us who are hurting and require a helping hand." Of course, he then needed to add, "We pray for their strength as they continue to recover and rebuild their lives and their communities." How does he plan to help? By cutting $40 billion in aid to the poor.

When are we going to impeach this guy?
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