October 29, 2005

Let's Get Solution-Focused

There are many outstanding atheist blogs out there (see Atheism Online for a list). However, most of us have focused on documenting and analyzing the nature of the problem (i.e., the dysfunctional consequences of religious belief). In the early stages of such a movement, this is a necessary step. In our case, the necessity of this problem focus is made more apparent by the refusal of many people to acknowledge the dark side of faith.

In this post, I call for the beginning of a shift toward a greater focus on solutions to the problems we have identified. We are right to continue addressing the problems until they are more widely acknowledged. However, religious belief endures through the ages in part because it satisfies human needs that are not easily met by the alternatives. Thus, I believe that increased attention to solutions is required to achieve real change.

I envision an ongoing series of cross-blog collaborations in which we come together to discuss potential solutions to the problem of faith. Blogger A might post a potential solution which will be analyzed and expanded by Bloggers B and C. Posts can be linked using trackback and tagged under the same content areas. Bloggers would benefit from increased traffic, and readers would benefit from encountering multiple perspectives on various solutions. Besides, increased interaction with like-minded individuals can only help us advance the movement away from faith.

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