August 15, 2005

The Book of Job

In the book of Job contained in the Christian bible, we get a nice little story about god and the devil torturing Job as part of a bet to test his faith. This is a great story in which the invisible superman in the sky lets the devil kill Job's family and do all sorts of other things simply to prove himself. This is the god we are supposed to worship? This is the "kind" and "loving god" we are expected to embrace? No thanks.

A god like this goes a long way toward explaining why Christian extremists are so bloodthirsty, but it teaches an even more important lesson. Put whatever spin on the story you like, but in my mind, this helps to expose "moderate" Christianity for the danger that is is. Regardless of how you interpret it, the inescapable conclusion is that even those who call themselves moderate or progressive Christians claim to believe in this same evil god. Yes, manipulating others by deliberately causing them tragedy just to see how they will respond is evil. This is your god? You can have it. I will continue to oppose it with every fiber of my being because it is destructive.
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