July 1, 2005

Church Settles Priest Abuse Claims

Church Settles Priest Abuse Claims

How many "wake up calls" do these people need before they actually do something to prevent child sexual abuse by priests? In case after case, we see the church ignore the situation as long as they can. Are they trying to protect their clergy? No. Their parishioners? Obviously not. What they are trying to protect is their pile of superstitious nonsense. They worry that these scandals will drive people away from their precious religious delusion. But this is a mistake. People have proven time and time again that they are too stupid to learn any meaningful lesson here about religion. They just decide that a few bad priests are ruining things, but they don't stop going to church. The need to fit in with their neighbors and the promise of eternal life are just too addictive.

The lesson to be learned is fairly simple: if you go to church, you are going to get molested. Granted, most churchgoers just have their intellects and grasp on reality molested. I suppose this pales in comparison to the sexual molestation that appears to run rampant among the clergy. Both are problematic, and it is time to fix them.


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