April 6, 2005

Coalition of Non-Believers: A Step in the Right Direction

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reviewjournal.com -- Living: NEW COALITION: Like Minds

This is certainly a step in the right direction - atheist, humanist, and other groups coming together to take a stand against our increasing theocracy. In my experience, there is often a bit of conflict among these various groups due to relatively minor philosophical differences. However, these kind of alliances are crucial in allowing our voice to be heard in Washington DC. Despite our differences, it makes no sense to refuse to align with anyone who opposes religion in politics.

Of course, the problem is that efforts at coalition-building are likely to result in increased mainstreaming. Thus, there is always the danger that the real message will get lost. For example, if a militant atheist group joins up with less militant groups or moderate religious groups who also hope to avoid a theocracy, it is hard to imagine them not having to set aside their core message. This is where the conflict comes from. And yet, some compromise may be necessary to achieve a partial victory.
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